Problem with nd-3540a


Now, when i say “problem” i don’t mean it in it’s entire form, what i’m trying to say is that it’s speeding down too early.

Here’s the deal…

Installing windows, windows requires the drive to constantly keep spinning, now this is all well and good when the computer requires the drive to spin, but when the harddrive gets a bit busy (and doesn’t require asking for data) the dvd drive undoubtely spins down and stops.

Now, i’m asking if there’s a firmware (or anything i can manually do -which doesn’t require a lot of effort) which sets the spin down time on the drive to a much higher level.

Thanks :slight_smile:


i understand there are programs like nero speed tools, which i’ve used before to tell the drive to constantly spin, but i need this setting perminent on the dvd drive so that it is able to constantly spin for a much longer duration of time when no data is being asked for it (since the windows installation is in dos mode basically)


Last edit!!;

ok, i believe i am using a modified firmware version (liggys) but i done that quite a long time ago ( a year )… and it probably set the spin down time-out settings to a lower number (which is causing me problems)… i used this firmware because of the copyright restrictions the official firmware had… what should i do?.. is liggy available for a question?.. or even revise a special firmware for these occasions (setting the spin-down time to a much higher level)

thanks once again

Nero drivespeed does have all that options - didn’t work for you?

Nero drive speed doesn’t have an effect on the drive whilst installing windows.

(i’m not upgrading, i’m installing clean from boot cd)

I’ve finished flashing the drive with official 1.03version, no help.

Is there any tool to edit the firmware to manually increase the spin down time?

Right now, i open my computer - the dvd drive spins up, i close my computer and only after 10 seconds, it spins down. This is even with nero speed on and set to 16 minutes.