Problem with my writer




This is my first post here and i hope this is the right place to post this topic. A year back i bought a sony dvd writer. The model i bought was sony DRU-170c. Or so i thought. When I opened device manager, it showed the model as Sony dvd rw aw-g170a. Since it was working fine and being the lazy mule that i am, i didnt bother exchanging it or atleast taking it to the shopkeeper and telling him about it

My problems started recently (might have been there for a while but i didnt know abt it). I’ll try to be as clear as possible

  1. I am able to write dvds but not read any dvds. Even the ones that were not written by my writer

  2. I am able to read cds using the writer but not dvds

  3. The dvds that i write can be read using my cd/dvd rom. So i guess nothing is wrong with dvds

So i want to know if it cud be a firmware issue. If yes, then how do i update my firware?

Thank you


how do i update my driver? I tried the links given in the forum. I downloaded the zip file and i get a text file, a bin file and an html file. How do i proceed from here?


Are unreadable DVDs -R media? FYI the Sony DRU-170C is made by NEC, if memory serves, as are some other newer Sonys. The problem may be a very common NEC drive affliction detailed at for which the problem unfortunately continues to be unresolved.


can u tell me how to update my firmware?i mean, i need step by step explanation as i have never done it before. According to nero info tool, my writer accepts dvd-r media


It’s normal for a DRU-170C to show as AW-G170A just as my DRU-120C shows as DW-G120A. Go to for instruction on how to use Binflash with your bin file as well as link to download Binflash. Make sure there’s no disc in the drive while flashing, make sure you have correct firmware for your drive, and it’s best to flash when booted in Safe mode to be sure there are no processes running that might interfere with flash. Then simply follow instruction in above link. I doubt firmware flash will fix this problem since it has not for most in the DVD-R read problem thread, but good luck anyway.

Nearly all writers accept -R media, and even my NEC 3520 burns -R very well. However, it simply refuses to read them after burning them as is the case for many NEC drive users.


this is the error i get. I have attached an image


Bin files need to be opened with the appropriate program which is likely why you get the message if you try to open with Windows Explorer. You need something like the Binflash program from link in post #5 and use it to run your bin file according to instructions at that link.


I had the Same problem, and fixed it with valuable resources available with cdfreaks.

This is what i did.
I tried all firmware version and also cross flashing.
this one helped at last…
Try flashing your DRU 170C with Optiarc 7170 frimware.

The firmware i used is version 1.05 with bit setting, find the below link

Used the bin flash(Win Gui) utility to flash it.

Now my Drive is recognized as Optiarc in device manager of Windows.
I cannot find a better life for an Out of Warranty Drive.

But still cannot figure out why Blank media’s DVD-R were detected as CD’s.
I hope that to be an Bug with M$ Wind0w$