Problem with my video card?



why is my computer acting like this? Is it b/c of my video card? but I didn’t oc it…


some questions

does your gfx card get enough power?
does it feel hot?
do you overclock it?
does the fan run?
is the card fitted in his slot?

normally i get those stripes whne i overclock it to much


Tried it in another computer?
Do you have this issue during boot or just in Windows?


1.)yes the card have enough power
2.)No it is not hot
3.)No i didn’t overclock it
4.) Yes the fan run
5.)the card fit it’s slot

The card work fine until yesterday when I install a new dvd burner, but I don’t think it’s the dvd burner problem. Any 1?


Must’ve knocked a cap or two off during installation.

Well, you can uninstall the card and/or driver, then reinstall it.


Did you ADD the DVD burner, or did you replace some other optical drive?

Try to unplug the DVD burner (including the power!) and see what happens!
It might be that the new DVD burner consumes a little too much energy!