Problem with my samsung sh-s202j



Hi all! :stuck_out_tongue: Im having a problem with my samsung sh-s202j recorder when trying to record dvd images and then watch them in my dvd player.

The thing is this. I have a zone 4 dvd player and all the dvd movies you download are mostly zone 1. So, in order to watch the dvds i download, what i did was to flash the RCP1 firmware in my samsung dvd recorder so that every dvd image when burned would become multizone and then ill be able to watch them. But, sadly it didnt work.
Is it because, as im burning images, they still maintain zone 1 protection? Do i need another firmware? Could someone help me resolving this problem? Thanks!!!:D:D:D
(I dont know if this is the right place for this post; if it isnt i apologise for the inconvenience).<o></o>


Sorry, no support here. :cop:
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