Problem with my PX-755 and multisession discs


Its strange, but each time I’m trying to make a multisession Verbatim 4x DVD+RW disk with Nero, it can’t be read in DVD-rom drives (PX-116A, PX-130A)?

I tried it yesterday with my PX-708A burner, and didn’t have any problems. But i I take the disk over to my PX-755A, and continue the session, then its smashed in some way, and suddenly contain lots of uncorrectable error. And my rom drives can read it any longer :sad:

I have tried erasing the media, but its like “bad”, after it has been writtin in my PX-755 drive. So after that it won’t work as a DVD+RW multisession media eny longer, and I don’t know why.

I’m gonna make some more test with a media I have DVD+RW multisession media I burned in my PX-708A with no problems. So I’m sure that the media it alright, and then see if it can be read in the PX-755 and PX-130. After that I’ll quick erase it in my working PX-708, and then try to burn it a last time in the PX-755, to see if it still are making problems with errors, that makes the media unreadable in rom drives.

Any of you with problems like this with your PX_755?


Some drives just don’t “know” and cannot recognize Multisession DVD±RWs, especially when you have burned them with Nero.

Thanks Chef,

Okay, I used to write multisession CD’s with my 708A. And I thought that it would work alright with my new 755A. But its the 708A that’s the better drive for writing DVD +RW multisession disks of those two drives?!

Is new really so bad for writing DVD multisession disks?


I’ve contacted plextor Belgien with the problem, and they mean that the drive is defect. So now I’m getting an RMA number for a replecement. And since Plextor got the perfect onsite country replacement service, I’m hoping that I can get a new PX-755A soon.

My TLA number is 0000, which must be the first release hardware. I hope they have made improvements, and have a 0001 ready :slight_smile:


0001 means that it’s the very same hardware, just with firmware 1.01 preinstalled :wink:

Aha, I thought it was hardware revisions. Okay, I’m more relaxed now, thanks for the info

the first 2 digits is the hardware revision

Thanks Alex,

By the way, I found out the problem with burning Multisession DVD+RW disks with Nero, that worked with PX-708 and didn’t with my new PX-755A. It was Nero that did some strange thing in the v7.0.1.4a that I used. I just updated to the release, and everything worked perfectly in both drives.

Kind a strange, as the software were the same. But it must have something to do with the PX-755A being a new drive, that maybe wasn’t supported the same way as my old 708A drive was. But its strange?!

But luckely enough, I didn’t send my drive to Plextor Belgien for a replacement.


This is may be the solution:

The [B]trouble occurrs because of the presence of sptd.sys file[/B] which [B]comes with virtual drive emulation software like DAEMON tools[/B]. [B]Removing this driver solves the problem.[/B]