Problem with my Plextor Durner, please help!



I have a Plextor PX-708UF

I have a movie copy to the computer with DVD X Copy, but once the disc is done copying to the computer it says:

(Problem with) DVD Interface

Cannot find DVD Burner, copy will be cancelled.

I am not sure what this means. My burner is plugged in as it always has been, nothing has happened to the burner, and there was a blank disc in the drive. The drive shows up when I click on MY COMPUTER, as well.
I tried turning the comp off, then turning it on, tried different discs, tried the entire process 3 times, and no luck.

do I need to update the drive or something? It worked 3 days ago? Any ideas would be wonderfully helpful and appreciated…

One last thing is that if I click on Roxio Copier, it puts up a box saying that no recorder is found.

Thank you for the help!!!


Have you updated the firmware recently?


Did this software work alright before? Have you tried other software like Nero Burning ROM? Have you tried upgrading your current software to the latest version? With DVDXCopy there were some problems I remember in combination with the PX-708A drive. These were fixed in later versions. Please report back!