Problem with my Plextor 716SA

OK I have a K8N Neo4/SLI mobo made by MSI. First is this even compatible with the plextor drive i have, the 716SA?

Second, if it is compatible, I can’t burn CD-R’s because it gets to about 5 seconds left and then freezes up my entire OS (windows xp home)

Has anyone had this problem? If so, how do I fix it?

Should work if you can write to it. What is your application? Does it fail with Write Transfer test from Nero CD Speed? The SA doesn’t ship with PlextTools Pro but you can use that if you have access to a 716 or Premium drive. Does it fail the same for all CD-R? Try booting with MSCONFIG and disable startup items and IMAPI service. If it gets that far with no errors it is usually a system issue. Make sure any other burning sw is disabled.

Well I used the basic XP write program, then I tried using the Plextools that came with my drive and both locked it up. I am going to try another cd-r brand but I still haven’t heard of another burner freezing up an entire OS because of an incompatible CD-R. Whats crazy is that it says its burning, but when I take the CD-R out there are no marks on it. Its basically a blank CD-R from what I can tell.

check out this thread

Hope it help you

I posted over on that thread, but I still can’t figure out what the problem is.

The problem is that you’re burning with the Windows XP built-in burn engine which is, quite frankly, absolutely crap. You’re better off disabling this service completely like bob11879 said (it’s called the IMAPI service and you can read here how to disable it). Get yourself a real burn application like Nero 6 or Easy CD/DVD Creator. That should do the trick, provided of course that there is no other problem with either your drive or your system. Good luck and let us know how things work out!

It actually wasn’t that, I fixed the problem, I posted on the other thread exactly what it was. But I have plextools for a burning program which uses roxio.

plextools does not use roxio as a burning engine. roxio is bundled with plex drives sold in the US but is a completely different burning app/engine than plextools pro.