Problem with my newly bought DVR111D



I’m having hassles, i’ve just purchased a pioneer DVR 111D, my problems are , it recognises all the cds or dvd’s that i insert in it, but does not open them , if it’s a audio cd, it opens windows media player, and plays the songs allways skiping, and dvd’s, nothing at all, and does not record, is there anything i can do from home, seen that i bought it in a nabouring country that is 3000Km from where I am? :frowning:


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Ok, sorry about that Jim…


Jim, can u help me though?


@ Toras,

Forget about the Microsoft Windows Media Player software program.

Get a real burning CD/DVD Burning software program similar to ImgBurn ( or CDBurnerXP Pro (

Also get a real DVD viewing/playback software program similar to PowerDVD, WinDVD or TheaterTek DVD.

Also in this day and age with very invasive software programs similar to RootKit “secretly” imbedded in commercially produced CD and DVD disks it is not prudent or wise to have the AutoRun function activated. It you have the AutoRun function activated it is very easy to have AutoRun inadvertently install one of these invasive software programs that can hijack your Windows Operating System.



hi bjkg,

thanks for ur advice, i’m going to try cdburner xp pro, i did try to copy a dvd on nero and got this msg: DMA-driver error, CRC error,
i’m stressing with this dvd rw!!!


By the way, I do have powerDvd installed.


@ Toras,

For the Pioneer DVR-111D to function properly requires the use of a Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cable, installed correctly on the Ultra DMA (80-Conductor) IDE/ATA Cable, and have Master/Slave jumpers properly configured. Refer to the below Web link ->

For the Pioneer DVR-111D to function properly requires the DVR-111D to run in the Ultra DMA Mode 4. Below is a Web Link concerning DMA configuration ->



Hi bjkg,

Thanks again, let me try the cable, cause it is running on UDMA 4, i’ll let u know what happens…



Maybe you just need to adjust the autorun and autoplay settings by using tools like xppowertoys.


Guys, cable solved the problem!!! Thanks to all for ur help, pioneeer workink perfectly!

Thanks again,