Problem with my new pioneer 111d - pc crashes after burning a cd/dvd

hi …

first, i want to say that my english isnt the best but i think you will get the point…

like allready said in the title ive bought a new pioneer 111d.
its connected as the primary ide slave and it is in the udma4 mode and my hdd is in the udma5 mode.
when i connect the drive as secondary ide master and im burning a cd/dvd i allways get a dma crc error or something like that.

the problem is, that my pc hangs up ~10 mins after i successfully burn a cd/dvd so i need to switch the computer off with the power off button.
after this procedure neither windows nor bios does not recognize my dvd burner. so i need to plug out the ide and power cable, start windows, shut down the pc, plug the cables back and start windows.

i have windows xp (service pack 1) the newest bios driver and a msi intel mainboard.

i hope you guys are able to help me.
big thx.

im still searching for the edit button, thats why i post a reply on my own thread …

i tried to burn a dvd in windows vista beta and i have nearly the same problem!
after a while i cant open the tray and windows does not recognize the burner but it does not hang up.

i really hope you can help me :frowning:

i’m not greatest like these guys will see if they agree with me though… 1st i would upgrade the firmware…i know what came with your pioneer like mine is possibly 1.06… i am 1.23 now and don’t have any problems you do have it connected right with the pioneer as the secondary master and maybe need to update your burning software as well

i appreciate your post umkane.

tommorow im going to update the firmware and i tried it with nero7, alcohol, dvddecrypter and the results are the same.

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It is recommended to connect this burner as MASTER, best would be secondar master. It has to run in UDMA4 mode then.

So, what is the real problem?

Anything about Vista related, I will and won’t help you with. Vista for me is [B]H’asta La Vista![/B]

Also read this:

Vista is crap.

i just wanted to know if i have the same problem under another windows.
normally im using xp.
is it possible that my primary ide channel supports dma and my secondary doesnt ?
or is it possible to set my hdd as primary slave or secondary master ?

the problem is, that my pc hangs up ~10 mins after i successfully burn a cd/dvd

INCD and DLA will do this. Remove those programs. It is trying to play the disk after a burn and there is a very bad software bug in INCD and DLA.

Yes maybe, LOL// My Dells will not do UMDA 4 as slave and some secondary channels will not do UMDA 4. But They should all do DMA. As Chef said “it must be a master on some systems”.
Never as in never make your primary boot drive a slave. HD stays as master on primary channel.

when i connect the drive as secondary master i have the following problem ->

its just running on dma2 :frowning:

i changed the ide cables …

my hdd is now secondary master and my burner is the primary master but my hdd is now running under dma 2 :frowning:
do i need a new cable ?

Primary master for your HD only.

Just curious, did your DVD show as UMDA4 when you did that? If it did then your MOBO supports it, you just need a BIOS flash and everything connected and set correctly. Maybe drivers update at your MOBO site.
Check your BIOS settings.

Also a 80 conductor cable is required for this drive and UMDA4. Not saying a 40 won’t work, it is just not worth the grief to mess with.
Check the specs at your MSI site on this MOBO.

no matter what i connect on the secondary ide cable - its allways dma 2 :frowning:
im going to try to use my primary ide cable as the secondary cable to see if i need a new mobo or a new cable :wink:

now with my burner as primary master and my hdd on secondary master i burned a cd and my pc is still running.

OK, try your Pio as a slave on your primary.

How old is your system?

damn … i burned a dvd and now i have the same problem … i cant see the drive under windows and i cant open the tray.

ive bought my computer in october 2003.

is it possible that it doenst get enough power ? ive just 350watt.

350 is ok. You have four choices, new box, new mobo, PCI IDE card(don’t go there), or USB box. I do not believe your MOBO will give you what you need, but check the MSI site to be sure. You may get lucky and there will be a BIOS flash that will help with the UMDA problem. But at least you will know. Go to the MSI site.