Problem with my new burner

Hello…I’m new :slight_smile: I’ve just bought a LiteOn 1693S (my first dvd burner) and installed it fine, but I get a problem when putting in blank dvds. I bought some Verbatim 8x DVD-R’s and when I put a disk in the drive doesn’t recognize it. When I go to My Computer and click on the drive I get this message:

“E:\ is not accessible. Incorrect function” If you look in properties it says there is no free or used space (if you put in a cd it would say 700 mb used space etc). But the tag next to the name does change to “DVD-R”. I tried the same thing with a blank TDK CD-R and I get the same problem. But those same TDKs worked fine on my cd writer.

Non blank dvds and cds play fine though, its just the blanks. I installed all the software that came with the package (PowerDvd 5 and Nero OEM suite) and updated the firmware before trying the dvds.

Thanks for any help :flower:

Hi joe. Be sure DMA is enabled. Be sure you have Master/Slave correctly setup if applicable.

I dont know what DMA is :confused: How do you enable it?

DMA = Direct Memory Access/Addressing, this way the writer doesnt need to access the CPU as with PIO - Very Efficient. To enable it: Hit Windows button and Pause/Break> Hardware> Device Manager > IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers > Secondary IDE Channel > Advanced > Enable DMA (if it hasnt already) Then Reboot and check to see the settings have stuck. This can also be set via BIOS.

Ok I went to “IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers” but the only thing under that is “Nvidia nforce2 ATA controller v2.6”

I clicked on that, clicked on the “secondary channel” tab. There are two sections, one for master and one for slave. This drive is master and another cd writer is slave. Under “transfer mode” it says “Ultra DMA 2-Ultra 33”. Also a “Let BIOS select transfer mode” box is checked which grays out the “transfer mode” thing.

That is normal. Windows cannot recognize blank disk.

Thats a very good point.

pollushon directed you in the right way. Your 1693S in UDMA 2 is correct. I don’t think there is any problem with your new burner. You need to use Nero to do the task ie backup etc, not with My Computer, not like transfering files in old days to floppy disk.

Ok so how do I get Windows to burn dvds for me? And windows did recognize blank cds on my other writer

Ok I’ll try burning something with Nero first

I’m pretty sure Windows XP Drag to disc only works with CD’s not DVD’s.

Data or movie? Search in this forum or google would probably lead you to more info and faster.

And windows did recognize blank cds on my other writer
If a blank DVD or CD is in the burner, My Computer will show CD Drive. If the drive is empty it will show DVD-RW Drive. That’s how windows reports.

I have actually had it report as a few diffrent things but same experience here. My computer doesn’t recognise blank dvds and their is nothing wrong with the drive. Use a burning application like nero and it will find and use the blank dvd just fine.

Ok so maybe theres nothing wrong with my drive… I didnt realize that you needed special software to make a dvd. Do you know if its possible to make a dvd using Neroexpress from the OEM suite (like make a movie from an avi file). Part of the reason Im so confused is that I tried to do that and it didnt work ( I think I was it was in the VCD burning section). Do you have to buy Nero or is there freeware I can get that can do the same thing?

Thier are diffrent nero oem suites and acording to nero, they can include or not include whatever the drive manufacture wants. I have also heard of it having programs that are not fully functional. The full version of nerovision express can make a dvd movie from most avi files but if your version cannot, thier are plenty of free tools and guides to use them (though it may not be as simple as using nero). Does your copy of nero bring up smart start? If so, the first option at the top (the star) will have an option below “make your own dvd-video”. Thats the one you want. start by adding your files on the first screen, then just click next and follow the prompts.
Here are other tools
find the conversion you want under tool features
here are guides
Select the conversion you want under format conversion.
I would try nero first, for it’s ease of use. Also, some oem versions get extra features enabled if you download the update (or it may install a trial and you will have to reinstall the oem version, but can use the trial for a while first).

I was under the impression that Windows XP could now handle the burning of DVDs. At any rate, you don’t make a DVD by just tossing the video files on a disc. If you want to learn more about DVD backup, I suggest you visit It has many guides and tutorials on various DVD backup options.

If your drive is reading discs with no problem, I very seriously doubt there is anything wrong with it. Check your burning program and make sure it can actually burn DVDs. Like I said, I thought Windows XP could burn DVDs now, but I’m probably wrong. I use Nero.

Nevermind…a “friend” let me borrow his Nero :wink: . I think Ive figured it out now. But thanks for those links :bigsmile: