Problem with my MATSHITA UJ-845D drive!



Hello cdfreaks!
This is my first post here.
For the last few months I have a problem with my MATSHITA UJ-845D drive.
At first everything was ok, but after a while I kept getting power caibration errors almost every time I tried to burn a cd.
I started using more expensive brands of blank cds, which seemed to work in the beginning, but after a while it got worse and my drive started having trouble reading most home-burned cds and dvds.
Now it’s got to the point where it only reads original disks and doesnt even recognise all recorded ones.
I dont know if there’s something wrong with the drive or if it needs some software/firmware update. In any case I’m thinking seriously about buying an external drive asap.
You’re my last hope. Please help!! :confused:

ps: I have an acer aspire 1692WLMi if that’s of any use.


Try to clean the drive.


But how do you clean a slot-loading drive? Do those cleaning cds work at all? Or should I use compressed air? And how do I use that?


Slot or tray loading, shouldnt matter with such a cleaner thing.

If you want to do it pro, open up the drive and clean it with Isopropanol and a q-tip - warranty will be gone of course.