Problem with my Liteon XJ-HD166S on Nero CD/DVD Speed



I know that doing a quality scan with a DVD-ROM drive is not very accurate but at least can have a small ideia if i got a good burn or not. I used to have a Liteon LTD-163D DVD-ROM but it just died… so i got this 166S very cheap (new, not used). Now the problem, i dont have the option on Nero CD/DVD Speed to set the scaning speed, just Maximum! I used to select 4x with the LTD-163D, always worked fine. I tried both Kprobe2 and DVDinfoPro, on those 2 programs i have the option to select the speed but it’s not working! Even if i select 4x, the drive starts on 3x and always up to the Maximum speed :confused: This never happened with my old 163D. BTW, i tried the latest firmware (stock and hacked from Codeguys) and some older firmwares, tried latest Nero CD/DVD speed 4.50 and 4.06 too.


The 166 is not a good quality scanner.


Did he not make it clear that he was aware of this in his post? True, if he wants more useful scanning results he should get a burner such as a Liteon or Benq, but he knows this already.

I have several older versions, such as 3.61. I can email it to you if you’d like so that you can try it. Let me know if you want an older version to try out. (PM me)


Yes, i can try an older version, but i don’t remember in wich version they first inclued the quality test on Nero CD/DVD Speed. Do you know if 3.61 can do quality test? if so i will send you a PM with my email.


Yes it does quality testing.