Problem with my LiteOn (there's a first)

Whenever I make a copy of a SDv2 CD using my LiteOn 32x12x40x it doesn’t seem to work. I’ve been trying to copy Operation Flashpoint for a while (and lost about 8 CDs). I’ve used every version of CloneCD available and each does the same. I’ve even gone as far as read at 1x and writing at 1x. I finally got around to using both BetaBlocker as well as the patch to give “Amplify Weak Sector” option in CloneCD4b30. It still says to reinsert the CD and restart the application.

I’m using WindowsXP Home if that tells you anything.

Any suggestions?

Have you looked through the links in my signature below?

I have Operation Flashpoint and that exact drive. I live in the US and made a 1:1 copy 2 minutes ago. Works fine with no paches or BB type program. So it’s possible.

If you need the settings I used I will post tomarrow, got to go right now.

Either you are trying to play from your Liteon and the ATIP-Check fails or if you can’t even play from the original CD, you should have a look at this patch from Microsoft.