Problem with my LiteOn, need QUICK help



i bought a liteon the other day and the burner is a 16x,

I used an 8 speed dvd-r, with 1 hour 5 mins of footage and it took just over 7 hours to burn…

is this normal?
if not, what could be causing it, how can I fix it and how long should it take?

please need quick help…



Are you encoding the video as you go along? Depending on the speed of your system, video encoding can take a long time…


whats encoding? and if i am doing that as i go along how do i do it before?

all im doing is using Nero to burn MPEGS to dvd?



encoding to put it simply converts your mpeg files into dvd video compliant files…it needs to do this to make it playable on a standalone dvd player

nero does this before it burns the dvd…encoding is a very long process…

to do it before…use a program such as winavi