Problem with my LITE-ON SHW-160P6S

I have problems with my Lite-on, because it does not eject the cdrom.

I tried to change the firmware and crossflashing, but the problem persists, I think it is a problem of EEPROM.
Does anyone know if it is possible to get it?

Sorry for my “bad” english

SHW-160P6S-> SHM-165P6S

Ho problemi con il mio Lite-on, perché non espelle il cdrom.
Ho provato a cambiare il firmware e il crossflashing, ma il problema persiste, io penso che sia un problema della eeprom.
Qualcuno sa se é possibile reperirla?

Scusate per il mio italiano


is the cdrom still inside the drive?

I had this problem with a Gateway OEM version of the LiteOn SHW-160P6S drive in my friend’s eMachines T5048 media center computer which had firmware version PGS1, where the drive tray won’t open when pressing the eject button several times. I had to insert a paper clip into the emergency eject hole to open the drive. So it seems the rubber conveyor belt inside the drive is barely worn out. So I replaced the drive with a retail version of the SHW-160P6S drive and the firmware version on the retail drive is PS08.

In short, replace the drive if you can. Anyways, DVD drives are easily replaceable.