Problem with my Lite-On LTC-48161H Combo Drive

i got a Lite-On LTC-48161H Combo Drive for christmas… i am pretty good with computers, i cannot get any cd burning software to recognize the drive as a burner, i have tried updating the firmware and the drivers and i have tried using the version of nero express that came in the package with no luck…i am running windows xp proffessional, p4 2.4ghz 533fsb, 512mb ddr 400, msi 128mb 4x agp ti4600, my motherboard is a jetway p4x400, i have 3 hdds hooked up PM 3.5gb 5400rpm maxtor, PS 30gb 7200rpm maxtor, and SS 120gb 7200rpm maxtor 8mb cache and ata133 compliant, my lite-on combo drive is set as the SM and i can only get the drive to run as a cdrom… not a cdrw… i havent tested the dvd yet
please help me… email is

update to my original thread…

i can get windows to recognize my lite-on LTC-46161H i can get windows media player to burn a music cd from it but i cannot get any other burning software to burn on it… ex. ahead nero does not even recognize the drive as a recording device, but when i look at the registry under nero recorders it appears there along with the nero image drive and my old burner… my old burner was a 2x memorex CRW-1622. when i try to run easy cd creator it doesnt recognize the drive as a recorder either, same with CloneCD all of the mainstream burning software that i have tried to get working do not succede, the only thing that burns from the drive is stupid windows media player… i havent tryed REAL player yet… and do not want to try it…lol man… i think that this has happend to ppl before me but i havent found a solution that has solved my drives problem… i finally got WMP to record after i went into my registry and edited it so that windows recognized it as a burner… thanks for the help so far and please continue… if anyone has any more solutions please let me know and if anyone has any questions let me know.

thanks, the115voltgod

I have a Combo CRX 300A which is OEM Liteon 48161H and I’m using Nero It’s their latest version on the FTP (of version 5.5.x.x of course.). Download the update and then your unit will be recognized well. :slight_smile:

probably a problem with a lot of versions of nero on your system.

goto nero’s site and download the clean tool to clean all files and registry entries and try reinstalling then update to latest version and see what happens