Problem with my Lite-On LH-20A1S

Just got this thing in the mail today. I popped it into my new Dell Dimension, connected the power and SATA cable, and anxiously booted my PC.

Nothing happened. XP isn’t recognizing the drive at all, no pop-up balloons or error messages, nothing. Anybody out there having similar problems, or know how to fix this? Thanks guys.

You may need to enable the SATA ports in your BIOS - that’s what I had to do with mine.

Only guessing:

  1. Wrong BIOS settings
  2. Bad cables/connections
  3. DOA drive

Does the LED on the drive flash when you start the PC? Does the tray open/close with the eject button?

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I agree on the bios settings. That would be the first place i would look.

It was the BIOS settings. Thanks for the quick feedback guys!

Thank you for reporting back and glad you got it working :clap: