Problem with my Lite-On 167T

Not sure if this belongs here, or in the general hardware forum…mods feel free to move it where you feel it fits :wink:

I recently just picked up this 167T drive from Newegg, and it seems to have a strange problem during reading.

First off, I updated my firmware to the hacked 167T.9S15.patched-rs16xR_16xRW_10xDVD9 firmware from Codeguys, and also removed the region protection with LtnRPC.

Whenever reading a disc, towards the end of the disc my drive starts to slow down quite a bit for some reason. I thought at first this was just my media, but I have tried 3 different medias (TY’s, G04’s, and Optodisc) and they all give the same results in Nero CD-DVD Speed. So then I tried a couple movies (the originals, not copies) and I get the same thing…towards the end of the disc the speeds gets sporatic and sort of jumps around.

Thinking this might just be some weird bug with Nero CD-DVD Speed, I ripped several DVD’s and copied media with the drive, and DVD Decrypter also slows down towards the end of the disc…Im not sure what is causing this :confused:

The drive never hangs though, it will read the disc all the way to the end, and with Decrypter it will decrypt an entire movie with no problems…just with this strange problem it makes it impossible for me to use Nero CD-DVD Speed to get accurate readings of my burnt media with this drive :frowning:

Also of note, I checked all this media on my NEC 2500A, and my Samsung DVD-Rom, and although they are slower than my 167T, they read the media almost perfectly all the way to the end and give very good graphs in Nero CD-DVD Speed.

Any ideas on what could be causing this??

Here is what Im talking about…

This is a scan of a burnt TY DVD+R with my 167T

Here is the same disc scanned with my 2500a

Its not just this disc either, its every disc I scan with my 167T I get this same drop off towards the end of the disc, even though it always completes the read without any other errors…

Im starting to think its something to do with the firmware…

Look at the end speeds of your two scans- the 2500 never even gets near the speeds of the 167. Some burnt discs just can’t be scanned that fast- that’s why the default firmware conservatively limits the read speed. My 167 does the same thing- it’s just luck of the draw as far as hardware batches and whatnot combined with burn quality.

Why not try dropping down to the 14x or 12x patched firmware? The scan looks like your drive would do fine with those.

Thanks for the tips btspm, it looks like what you suggested was in the right ballpark, however it didn’t completely solve my problem.

Take a look at this scan with the 14x firmware with the same disc as above

As you can see that is a better scan than with the 16x firmware, but still too sporatic at the end for my liking.

I then bumped the drive down to the 12x firmware

Still getting slowly better, but the dropoff at the end is really annoying :frowning: This drive is basically just my ripping drive, so maximum speed is really a must for me, but I also like to use the drive to test my burning results and I can’t get accurate results in Nero CD-DVD Speed if I use a speed hacked firmware :a

Oh well speed is more important for this drive, so I will probably go back to the 14x firmware :iagree:

You also might want to run an error scan with CD/DVD speed or (kprobe if you have a lite-on burner) to check the error rates near the end of the burn. If you burn at 8x or on cheaper media, the error rates sometimes climb exponentially as you near the outer ring of the disc, which might be combining with the general fact that all burnt discs are harder to read to result in the messed up reading curve. You may never be able to get a clean transfer scan at 16x, but maybe if you clean up any burn quality issues, you could get a smooth curve at 14x or 12x. I’m sure herrie’s firmware for you 2500 has plenty of things to tweak as far as burn quality goes.

Im convinced it has something to do with my Lite-On 167T drive or the firmware for it. Keep in mind that all my scans look almost identical to what I posted no matter what media I use, I even try running the CD-DVD Speed transfer rate test on a brand new DVD (not a backup) and the same results.

I burn all my discs at the speed they are rated at as well, the above scans were done on Taiyo Yuden media burnt at 4x, but I get the same results with Ritek G04’s and Ricoh’s…

Anyway, I guess its something Im just going to live with, because my Lite-On drive is still the fastest ripper I own by far, it rips much better than my Samsung DVD-Rom or my NEC 2500…but both my other drives give more accurate results in CD-DVD Speed…so oh well :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and I do use Herrie’s firmware, I’ve tried several of his and I have settled on the 107v2b5…seems to be a great firmware for me.

Thx for the help.