Problem with my Lite-On 1673S

Hi All,
I’ve a Lite-On 1673S. Recently I flashed the firmware to JS0B from the Lite-On website. But after that I’ve had problem burning on DVD-R’s. I’ve tried 3 and all have failed. This is the screenshot of the fail error in Nero. I’ve also tried the Crossflash patch to 1693S. Still the same. Can anyone help me ? Would flashing using the original JS02 BIN file resolve the problem ? I downloaded the BIN from Codeguys. Burning to a DVD+RW works fine.

what -R media are you using? you can get dvdidentifier just google it its free and post the brand and mid.

I have used both the JS02 and the JS0B (stock and patched) and havent seen any problems like this before, that said, that doesnt mean that something could of gone wrong.

The last time I seen an error like that was whilst trying to encode and burn on the fly but as you are burning from an image (i take it) then that cant be it. What version of Nero is that you are using?

Also I dont know what the moderators would think to see the last file to be burned was a CD-Key text file??

This is the DVDIdentifier SS :

And I tried burning it on a Sony DRU-720A FW : JY03 and it worked fine. I even tried the crossflash to 1693S from Codeguys but the same problem.

@ Rabbi, I’m sorry. It was a back-up copy for my friend and he wanted the Key on the disc so that the Disc label would be clean.

Mmmm Vangard :Z :Z :Z , i think you`ll find they are using a fake ty mid.

try using some quality +R discs and your troubles should go away.

I tried the CF to 1693 KS09 on my 1673S. I flashed fine. When I loaded the CF in Omnipatcher, there was a write strategy setting for Vanguard 4x disc which is the one that I have. What I wanna know is, is there a possibility that changing the write strategy would make the Vanguard disc work on my drive. If it does so, is there any particular media strategy that I need to swap the Vanguard media to in Omnipatcher ? Any help would be gr8ly appreciated.

Hmm… well with Strategy Changing if there isn’t any posts its basically going to be hit&miss… I’m by no means a Optical expert but try one of the better Media codes like TY or MCC coded media

As stated earlier, the Vanguard DVD-R worked fine on a Sony DRU-720A.I tried lotsa options using Omnipatcher but still the disc did not get burned in my Lite-On 1673S CF’ed to 1693S as also with the stock firmware. What I wanna know now is if I used the DRU-720 or the DRU-800’s firmware, put it through Omnipatcher and used it for my 1673S, will the disc work ? Will such a crossflash do any damage to my drive ? Or is this clearly a case of my drive’s incompatibility with the media. One more point, doesn’t the inclusion of a media code in a firmware mean that the media should work fine in the drive ? So since the Vanguard 4x media code is included in the 1673’s firmware as also the 1693’s firmware, doesn’t that convert to the fact that the media should work in my drive ?