Problem with my Lite-On 1673S and Fuji YUDEN000T02

Whats its the problem? :sad:
check my scans please with YUDEN000T02@YUDEN000T03
the YUDEN000T02 default its worse for my burner :frowning:
I will appreciate any commentary and help :bow:


Sorry to say but it looks like you may have got ahold of some of the fake TY-02 media
that is circulating around and being sold as the real thing. :a What brand name was the
disks sold under and did you buy them from a honest well known and reliable seller?


Those Fuji can be variable. There are some bad batches floating about. Odd though since I have some that burn a bit dicey on my NEC but burn OK on the Lite-on and Benq.

I have the exact same media with the exact same drive. With YUDEN000T03 writing strategy I get catastrophic result. With YUDEN000T02 stock + a Reset learned Media I get around 5000 PI and 300 POs.

What firmware used in your 1653s?

You could try burning these at 4X or 6X. I have had good luck with older Liteon drives and +R media by dropping the speed.

Yeah 4x it’s Good :slight_smile: , 6x its Worse :frowning: