Problem With My LG GSA-4163B Burner

My burner wont write to DVD+r’s or -r’s. I can usually run nero or roxio or whatever other programs i have (decrypt or shrink) and it all works fine and it comes back saying DVD Burnt successfully, but when i take out the disk, theres nothing wrote to it. right now i cant burn any kind of dvd +/- r disks, not in any format, data, copy, mp3. when i place the dvd back in the tray after the suppossedly successful burning, the lights flash and then the green lite stays on and computer gets slow.its about 3 months old i guess if that.

i formatted thinking there could be something wrong due to software issues, but it still seems to be doing the same thing. i would have figured it was toast, but it burns CDRs fine and dandy, it just wont write to the dvds for some reason.

i took the pc apart today and put it back together but that didn’t help either, figured something was loose but its all good

firmware updated to 104

any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks