Problem with my LG DRD8160B

Here’s the story. Originally, I had my LG DRD8160B drive which I have paid 82,60 Euro for (4 years ago). At that time I had very few DVDs to read, so it had not read any till some months ago. When I bought my Pioneer DVR-108 and I burnt my first DVD, I wanted to verify if it was readable by my LG, and it was not. After some testing, I discovered that it wasn’t my drive’s problem: a friend of mine had the same drive as me, and it read my disk flawlessly. My DVD TV player read it without problems too. So I began to consider it was my LG’s problem, which had still no problems reading DVD-ROMs. It didn’t like recordables ? I flashed my Pioneer into a PIODATA and started bitsetting them. It read the first below 4x and now it has problems recognizing them. Sometimes I insert a DVD (regardless of ±R/ROM) and I have to open and close the tray 7 or 10 times to get it recognized - and anyway the average is no higher than 1,5-2x reading. How can I solve my problem ?