Problem with my LG 4081B



sorry for my poor english, because i talk spanish, but i will try.
well, my problem is the next:
i can´t burn dvd´s, my Lg burn and read cd´s and read (sometimes) dvd,
is 6 months old and the warranty expire, i try with various sotfware (dvdecrypter, my favorite, nero alcohol 120 %, etc.) and dont burn dvd´s,
in the dvdecrypter the error is the next: (this is not my burner, i copy the image for another site but the problem is the same)

the question: is my LG kaput? or anyone know something to do?
i try different media (verbatim,RIDATA, AXEX) but the same



first thing i suggest is to update firmware
get it @


sorry, i don´t mention it, I update the firmware for the official LG web, the A101 and the A104 , but nothing, is the same problem.