Problem with my Honda Accord CD Player



Sorry guys this might be a newb question and all, but I gotta ask. :confused: My problem is I just bought a 1999 Honda Accord EX and the stock honda unit won’t play most Burned CD-Rs. It will play store bought ones great, and I was able to find an old burned cd from years ago at the house and it worked. I inspected it and it was a 74min cd-R KG0356. I own a mac and have burned on to maxell discs a bunch of times yesterday to try and figure it out myself. I looked on google and everything to see if i was doing it right it was burned in AIFF form and set as an audio cd in the preference tab. That never worked so i had heard it could be the type of media that I was using. So I went to Best buy and bought a case of Verbatim CD-Rs. Is there any legit arguement that the problem is I’m not using the 650mb 74min discs. I can’t find them in stores and i don’t want to order them If they won’t work. If I havent given enought information I truely appologize. What should I do fellas?


What speed are you burning at? Some CD players have problems with CD-R media that’s burned too quickly causing high levels of jitter.
Most recommend 16x for audio CDs.


when i was messing with the different options i tried em all the way down to x2. No luck there…


Hi there, older car stereos can be quite picky about what media they will play, somtimes the stereo may just not read a particular type of media and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Try making direct copies of audio CDs on a range of media brands at lower burn speeds and see what happens.

My own car stereo will only read original audio files and .wav files.

I don’t know about the 650MB vs 700MB CD idea - I have some old 650MB CDs that seem to read exactly the same as 700MBs (except they are annoying and don’t fit a whole CD copy on!)


What cd burning software are you using? I know in nero you are given options to burn to trackatonce, discatonce, and discatone96. I found that if you burn with trackatonce it works better on some cd players. See if your software can do this.


As noted, years ago, CD players and DVD players 1) wouldn’t play non-pressed CDs or DVDs or 2) if they did, they’d only play certain brands, 3) burned at certain speeds. It’s too hit or miss to bother sometimes…


thanks for all the tips guys, I’ve been using the itunes software to burn the cds. I wish i could use nero for my mac, i think there is something similar called toas. But i don’t want to buy it unless i know it would work. I would still like to be able burn the cds, but I ended up buying a fm adapter for the meantime or until i figure it out. Works pretty ok. haha. I think i know how to convert my mp3s to .wav in itunes, but when i try to burn as audio disk it converts everything back to AIFF. Is that right?


If we knew where you were located, a CDF member might be willing to assist in burning the files (at least one disc to determine if it will work).




I sent a CD in a Jewell case from Wisconsin to Florida for less than a dollar.

I have hi-speed but it might be nuts for you to e-mail your songs. However, it might be worthwhile e-mailing 1 or 2 songs. I can burn them and mail them to you. If it works - great. At least you know you have a solution. There might be a Mom & Pop retail store in your area that could assist for good will and future business.

Regardless, I bought a supply of Fuji branded TY media 700 mb/80 min that was available at K-Mart (alerted courtesy of CDF members) and can burn a few to see what works.

Send a Private Message if you want to try this.


I am also facing the same issue on my honda accord 2000 EX…cant play cd’s written on my laptop dvd drive using Nero…it plays store cd’s well…did u find out a way to solve this? is so please let me know…it would be of great help


[quote=timc;1653996]what speed are you burning at? Some cd players have problems with cd-r media that’s burned too quickly causing high levels of jitter.
Most recommend 16x for audio cds.[/quote]

thanks a lot for this resolution. It actually worked for me. I thought i would share my frustration with this cd player with you guys. Recently, i got this honda accord 2003 ex v6 model with a 6 disc cd changer. I was so upset after i found out that i was not able to play any burned cds on my honda car stereo. Later, i found out that it would only play genuine cds but not the burned cd-r.even the genuine cd would eject by itself sometimes.but when i load the cd again, then it plays. This honda accord factory cd player is really really weird.i tried so many different model cd-r but none of them would work.i have tried hp,memorex,maxell.finally, i got a philips cd from my friend( no idea at which speed it was burnt).that philips cd-r actually worked on my stereo and then i started to believe that …yes my cd player should be able to play burned cd-r. Even in the honda accord manual it does say that the stereo should be able to play burned cd-r.the surprising thing is that i know 2 of my frineds who have got honda accord lx 2003(base model) and honda accord 2003 ex-l both of which have got 6 disc cd changer and they are able to play virtually any cd you give them.they also have honda factory deck. It puzzled me and then in another forum i found out information about taiyo yuden (this brand should work with honda:japanese cd-r) which says philips,verbatim are also part of that company.then, i got some verbatim cd-r from future shop(canadian electronic retail store) and burned one cd-r at 16x speed with a nero burning software with all the default option(finalized the cd).then, when i first put the cd-r in my factory deck, it came out. I was very disappointed and then i tried putting it back again. It came out again, then i put it back again.then i saw a track number. Voila the mysterious cd player started playing my burned cd-r. Finally, it’s a relief to find out that yes… My honda accord 2003-ex should be able to play burned cds but only certain specific models and also not to mention burned at 16x. It’s unbelievable. At one point, i was so furious that i was planning to get a auxiliary output jack installed for my car. I would have actually changed the factory deck if it was not for that climate control and look of the car. It would look ugly without the factory deck and another option is to put the cd player (aftermarket) in the cd compartment.that would look ugly and i decided not to go for that. In the future, i might be installing the auxiliary ipod car adapter. This would save me a lot of agonising moment of putting the cds in the car deck and forcing them to stay there.