Problem with my dvds skipping

Im using the latest version of anydvd and clonedvd… however when i backed up a few of my tv shows, it does not play in my dvd player very well. it skips A LOT. when i play it on my friend’s dvd player it plays fine.

is this a compatibility issue with clonedvd and my dvd player?

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It’s most likely down to you using cheap , poor quality media. This results in poor quality burns and while some players will be fine when playing these others , like yours, will have problems.

Don’t fall into the trap of burning very slow to improve the burn quality. This advice has no relevance these days.

dang… for some reason i thought sony dvd-r were good stuff. guess not. compusa guys lied to me. booo.

Sony media isn’t that bad. I’ve just got some +R of theirs and they’re doing OK.

What burner do you have & what speed to you burn at?

it’s just some dvd burner that came w/ my acer laptop. burning at 8x.
it worked fine and all my dvds turned out well until recently when i bought the sony dvds. so im thinking its just the dvds and my memorex dvd player.

You’re probably right there.

Try switching to something else then. Verbatim is always a good choice.