Problem with my DVD writer




I have a problem with my DVD writer. I try everything but I can fix the problem.

My computer:
Windows XP
Compaq Presario
Pentium III
Processor 800 MHz
384MB memory

I use Nero v6.6.0.12 and DVD Shrink

I buy a DVD writer HP 640c but I can’t burn any DVD. Each time it’s make a writing error and stop the burning process. I burn music CD easily, but the movie still impossible.
When my computer was equip of Windows 98, I burn any movie without problem. But when I install Windows XP, all my DVD goes to trash. I buy 256MB but my computer still doesn’t able to burn correctly.

Sometime the burn process goes to 5% and failed… sometime it’s goes to 50%… But all the time the error message appear: Burn Process Failed At 2.4x

Do you know a firmware for my DVD writer or something can help me to find the solution?



To better assist you can you pls answer these…

Did you upgrade from 98 to XP? …Or was this a clean install of XP?
What else do you have other than this optical device (# of HDD and other Opticals)
What is your IDE set-up (Master / Slave)?
Is DMA enabled for this device in both BIOS and Windows?
What medium are you using to burn on (ie: FujiFilm, Ridata, Phillips)?
What is the current firmware of the DVD writer?


Sounds like a faulty drive but give this a try.
Grab a new firmware at and upgrade, grab two DVDs (different brands) that you know are decent, Sony, Traxdata, Maxell no cheap stuff basicly. If both DVDs fails to write correctly I’d advice you to RMA.


It was a clean install of XP, I formatted my hard drive before installing win XP

A Compaq DVD-Rom… it was coming with the PC when we bought it 5 years ago.

I don’t think the medium was the problem. I burn succefully many movie with Memorex DVD-R (with Windows 98). After I change for Maxell DVD+R (in the same time I switch to Windows XP) and I burn succefully only one movie (the first one I try after I install windows XP and I don’t know why this one was succefull).


I must check in my BIOS but I don’t know how… it’s if really important, I can tell you later.

I have not install any firmware… I try to find one on the HP website but it’s there’s only dvd640e… I can find any information for dvd640c

Is it possible that the problem was the software (Nero)? I don’t know any other software for burn DVD movie or data.


By Master Slave I mean what are the optiocals set as, for example

HDD 1 -> Master on IDE 1
DVD Writer -> Master one IDE 2
Compaq DVD-ROM -> Slave on IDE 2

I would also suggest my above as the setup for you to use. also make sure never to mix an optical on the same channel as a HDD.

You can check your current firmware with Nero Infotool, should be there in the start menu under Nero ToolKit and you can check the drive drive settings under IDE configuration in Windows Device Manager.

I would try a different media just to see if it happens again. Some medium, even though popular and considered higher grade just don’t place nice with some hardware.

If you had another PC you can throw this into it would be great to test to make sure the drive itself is not faulty.

Ohh and also disable the IMAPI service in XP, type start -> Run -> services.msc and you will see all the servies

Ultimately, you can assume the drive is no good and try to RMA it.