Problem with my DVD writer




I have a problem with my DVD writer. I try everything but I can fix the problem.

My computer:
Windows XP
Compaq Presario
Pentium III
Processor 800 MHz
384MB memory

I use Nero v6.6.0.12 and DVD Shrink

I buy a DVD writer HP 640c but I can’t burn any DVD. Each time it’s make a writing error and stop the burning process. I burn music CD easily, but the movie still impossible.
When my computer was equip of Windows 98, I burn any movie without problem. But when I install Windows XP, all my DVD goes to trash. I buy 256MB but my computer still doesn’t able to burn correctly.

Sometime the burn process goes to 5% and failed… sometime it’s goes to 50%… But all the time the error message appear: Burn Process Failed At 2.4x

Do you know a firmware for my DVD writer or something can help me to find the solution?



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