Problem with my dvd drive



hi, my dvd drive is HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GH22NS40

i’ve got little problem here… when i inserted a blank dvd… the drive cant read the disk… it said that the free space and use space at 0 bytes…

but… if i insert that dvd into my siste’s notebook… it can read it…

i tried to burn some files into that dvd… then i tried to insert it into my computer… and… now my drive can read the data inside the dvd…

anyone know what;s the problem with my drive?


I’m not sure I understand. You can’t “read” a blank disk, and the 0 byte free/used space is normal. If you burned the files to disk using this drive, what’s the problem? What version of Windows are you using?


hmm… when usually insert a black dvd… when u right klik, n klik properties, ther is free space n used space for the dvd rigth? if im not mistaken the normal is 0 byte used space and 3,97 gb free space…

but my computer read it 0 free space and 0 used space… that means the dvd itself is blank, but i cant burn any files to it, because my computer read it witch 0 byte free space (no free space tu write any file)

im using windows xp sp3 as my OS


Try uninstalling the drive from device manager, reboot, and let windows reinstall it. What burning software are you using? Windows XP doesn’t have any built-in burning capabilities.


if i do that, i just need to reboot only right? dont have to reinstall the whole OS…

im not using any burning software… coz i only want to write some of my important data into the disk… so i use the classic method… go inside the blank dvd, drag the items there, and klik write these files to cd… (on the left f the screen)

i always use this method on my cd… and always works without problems