Problem with my DVD Drive

I have an external DVD drive that can apparently burn disks to. It’s a Lite-On Combo SOHC-5232K. I want to burn an .ISO file to a blank DVD+R, but it doesn’t seem to detect it. It detects most other CDs, but not this DVD+R. I really need some help, because I really want to play this on my PS2. I’d REALLY appreciate the help!

You won’t be able to burn any blank dvd media, that combo drive only writes to cd-r’s but it can read both cd’s and dvd’s.

Oh, darn- I guess I’ll have to go buy a DVD burner after all, and it costs like 150 bucks here, which is around 40 dollars O_o Isn’t there any way to sort of ‘trick’ the DVD player into reading the disk?

Maybe looking into for a new burner.