Problem with my DRU-720a




I’m in need of some assistence and I’m not sure where to turn. I have a Sony DRU-720A drive that is having an odd problem. It appears to have stopped recognizing all DVD media, regular DVD movies, ROMS, blanks, etc. It still reads CD’s and CD blanks just fine however. Keep in mind, I have successfully burned DVD-R discs and read DVD-ROMS just fine on the drive in the past. I’m wondering if it’s a software problem of some sort. Can anyone help? Thanks.



Could be software, or it could be that the DVD reading/burning laser has gone out on you. Have you flashed the drive recently, or updated drivers of any kind? Basically, what if anything changed between the onset of this problem and now. Also, some more general information about your machine and the software you’re using may be helpful.



My Sony DRU 710A and Sony DRU 720 A were dead long time ago same exact problem about 5-6 months after I got them, same software same rutine all sudden they just stop working. I don’t have faith in Sony drive any more. Now I switched to BenQ.