Problem with my downthemall on firefox



I use rapidshare to check the links and then download them in downthemall in firefox. I have never really had a problem with this until recently. The problem is the links download instantly and are non-useable. Normally they come up looking like little book stacks and now they have a firefox symbol on them and wont work. When i had this problem before it was because i had to pay again for my rapidshare account. I checked with them and they said my account was up to date and i was signed in so i am unsure of why this would be happening. I am afraid maybe my son had clicked something and i dont know what it could be. I am not that computer savy and my friend is the one who got this all set up for me. Is there anyone who has any idea how to fix this so it works again?


I have no idea what downthemall is, but usually you have to update firefox or your downthemall plugin so that they are compatible.


Downthemall is now on version 1.1.9. This should solve a lot of problems.
If the problem maintains with Rapidshare, please test other download sites first. Usually you are not allowed to make more than 1 or 2 connections per download.