Problem with my Burner or CloneDVD?

When I first started trying to burn my movies with DVD+R it wasn’t working, I found out i needed to update the Flash. So I did. And it worked for a few movies. I have a NEC ND-3500AG, now whenever i try to burn I get alittle over half way and i get an error from CloneDVD saying something like “unable to read media” or something like that. Anyone know what is going on?

Welcome to the forum. First, CloneDVD (current version) and the NEC 3500 with current firmware are the best combination possible. Both are top quality. I would suspect that the problem is media. What is your media code? Try CDSpeed for the code type.

Well I have a bad habit of playing video games or doing other things while the DVD in my drive is being decoded, so maybe by doing other things at the same time that clonedvd is busy could be cuasing problems? Note: I do not have this problem when i use regular DVD+Rs, just with DVD+R DLs

i won’t even LOOK at my PC while burning DL media. I suggest you give one burn a try with EVERYTHING off. kill all non-essential processes in the task manager, disable your internet connection, turn off messaging programs, antivirus, etc. etc…

(the above is just generally good advice…not necessarily related to your issue…I recommend you post the media code of your media as chas requested so we can get a better view of what’s going on. media code/media id can be found on the disc info tab of nero cd-dvd speed)

edit: i misread your last post…it’s late, give me a break! upon second reading, it looks like you were saying you were playing games while clonedvd is ripping and transcoding the source disc. that has never really been a problem for me, but others will still tell you it’s not a great idea. the advice i gave above was meant mainly during the BURN process.

Make sure the disc is clean and has no scratches on it.