Problem with my Blu Ray drive

I’ve got an LG GGW H20L Blu Ray drive as my main drive for reading and rewriting DVD/CD’s. I have it for when I want to back up any future purchases of Blu Ray movies. The problem is that when I insert a DVD, it takes forever to read the disc and everything crashes while it’s working. After about 90 seconds the box shown below comes up.
The disc is clean and undamaged.

I have tried looking for the latest firmware for this drive and found that I have the latest firmware already (YL02). I have also tried uninstalling the drive and restarting the PC. Has anyone got any other ideas?

Exactly HOW is it connected, whichmobo and which controller (settings)?

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It’s a SATA drive with a Gigabyte GA EP35 DS4 motherboard.

Eight SATA 3Gbps ports – six from the ICH9R South bridge and two from the Gigabyte SATA chipset

To which one of them is the burner connected and in the BIOS set up?

I haven’t got a clue lol. How do I find out?

Ok, all optical drives and hard drives are connected to the ICH9R South Bridge. Nothing is connected to the Gigabyte SATA Chipset. And these are the current BIOS settings.

Could you enable “SATA port 0-3 NATIVE MODE” and try?