Problem with my 32123S

I have burned over 100 discs with no problems. While burning an ISO last night the drive gave an error on the burning. Now I can’t seem to get the drive to reconize a disc. No matter what kind of media (r, r/w, regular) i can’t get windowsXP to acknowledge the
fact that there is media in there.


ltr 32123s with XSOZ (was happening with original firmware also)
I thought it might have been an ASPI problems so i installed forceASPI (i had done this before and not had any problems burning)

so bacically burning software keeps asking me to put in media which it can burn to… the drive is reported in bios just fine, same with windows… it see’s the drive but it doesn’t realize there is a disc in it.

I have searched the forums for about an hour and i haven’t found a similar topic.

any help would be appreaciated

Try making a Windows 98 or Me bootable floppy disk (you can download the necessary files to make one here) and see if you can read from the drive in DOS.

ok , first i booted into dos from a win98se boot disk, picked the option to load cd-rom drivers, said only 1 found ( i have 2) and did not load them for the burner.
I then booted into linux (distro: BBC )
i mounted the drive, but it said no media found (made an empty directory, mount -t iso9660 /dev/hdh /directoryimade)

so… BIOS detects it, windows shows it, dos doesn’t, linux detected it but said no media…

any other help would be much appreciated


i have also moved it from my ide0, ide1, ide2, ide3 as both master and slaves (i have a controller card) and the same thing happens in ALL OS’s

If it doesn’t work in DOS or Linux, it’s probably safe to say the drive is shot…

That’s true, the drive is probably dead.

However, I’d recommend that you try re-flashing the firmware. It probably won’t help, but you can’t hurt anything since its not working anyway! To re-flash, find a BIN file of the firmware (I can e-mail you XS0F, XS0X, or XS0Z if you want) and use MTK Winflash to flash it. Just PM me your e-mail address and the firmware version that you want, and I’ll send it.

well… this kinda sux… i got a whole bunch of iso’s to burn… guess time to xfer them to the laptop :smiley:

What is the most cost effective burner anyone can recommmend?

LTR-52327S! :smiley:

BTW, I sent you the firmware BIN files for all three versions.