Problem with my 32123S

I’ve got this problem with my burner… it only works some (around 30%) of the time.

What happens is, when i burn a CD (using Nero), it all goes fine, says burn successful etc, but when it does that data verification thing usually like half the files are corrupted/file sizes are different and when i try to use the cd its stuffed.

I’m pretty sure i plugged in/set everything up properly, even tried plugging it in different ways, using the upgraded firmware and using different burning software besides nero but the problem still happens.

Please help me!

…and have you tried different CD-R discs?

Yup, i’ve tried different brands of cd-rs, different sized cd-r’s and cdrws, all with the same prob :frowning:

I think my burner might be defective or something :confused:

Could you please post more details about your system config?

Umm, im using win xp, with the burner fix installed

Currently the burner is the primary master, cdrom is primary slave and harddisk is secondary master (i’ve changed it around about 4 times now :/)

My pc is a: p3 733, asus p3v something mobo, geforce, etc.

I’m seriously thinking my burner is defective :confused: hehe time to go back to the shop i guess =(