Problem with my 32123s to 40125s flash

Well sorta…For some reason I can now read at 48x but I can’t burn faster than 24x…Is there something to get around this?

And could someone pm me or email me the orginal bin for that drive? I didn’t back it up correctly… (forgot /m) so I got some 64k bios file.

Try a search of the forum. There are a couple of sites with the FW you seek. I don’t have a list ATM. Perhaps Dyzan could be convinced to add a liteon “3” series" section to his page & include the infamous XSU1 FW…

I tried searching…didn’t help anyone have the orginal bios file? i’ve given up on trying to get this thing to burn at 40x (or even 32x)

Ok there’s got to be something going on with my software or some bullshit I’ve flashed it back to 32x and I lost mt-rainer as expected but i’m still getting a nero report of 12x read 24x burn the info is correct the first time I check it but as soon as I open nero boom everything is back to this same bullshit again…any ideas?

Redetect your recorder under Nero. Try selecting image recorder, then back to your liteon. Do you have any aspi managers installed? Installed the latest version of Nero? It took 20s to find the link to alexnoe’s FW archive:

Thankyou for assisting me. Anyways I tried flashing this drive back to an older firmware and tracked down this burning at 24x problem and it turns out that it’s not that the drive can burn faster than 24x its just that nero and what not was thinking this media could only do 24x with the newer firmwares which is crap because i’ve burned over 60 cd’s with these cd-r’s at 32x w/o a problem. Does anyone have any idea’s what could be causing this?

Well old firmware for 32123S = 32x write with this media
Latest firmware for 32123S =24x write with this media
SXU1 firmware = 24x write with this media…bah oh well old firmware it is tell I use up this media. :wink:

Damn it I just learned that smartburn could be causing this…hmmmmmmmmmmmm