Problem with my 20A1H LL0B and LL0B fb & LL0B fb, eos

Hi All! i have a few problem with my 20A1H LL0B and LL0B fb & LL0B fb, eos.

  1. Verbatim DataLifePlus DVD+R, 10Ñ…Pack, Reorder:43498 , Made In Taiwan, MCC 004
    always burned at 8x max(LL0B & LL0B fb), and there is no difference if i choose 12x or 16Ñ…… :confused:

  2. LL0B fb,eos - drive burned at 12x and 16Ñ…, but quality is terrible… :confused:

  3. i didnt made EEPROM backup… :frowning:

  4. pics - quality of my 12x@12x, and 16x@16x burns with LL0B fb,eos and 16x@8x with LL0B fb
    sorry for my english…

and what does it mean?? DVD+R 16x but…

Sl@vik what are your drive settings? Click on that tab and see what your settings are for that drive. :slight_smile: That should answer some questions.


u speak about SmartBurn settings??

and i reflashed my drive with LL07 - the speed of burning is 12x @ actual 12x, so my drive is ok? i think my problem came from LLOB FB…