Problem with MuxMan

Hi, I’m having a problem with muxman. After I’ve muxed the movie with Muxman and I play it (tried several players) its just stops after 3 min. This while muxman has created all the vob files. So there seems to be an error in the ifo.
Also, I found out that the celltimes I add are the cause; leaving all the same but without adding the celltimes gives me a good dvd. Also, the 3 min stop is neither at the point between two chapters nor between two vob files (of course).
Could anybody help me?


Edit: The point at which the video stop is not in between two chapters but it is at the end of the first cell. So it only plays the first cell.

Maybe run it through FixVTS then open in Shrink see if it analyzes w/o errors…I normally use normally use GUI for dvdauthor which utilizes muxman ,or DVDauthor Gui…
You might also try by creating one VOB then use IfoEdit to create new IFO files…

Did the mux complete OK? Post your muxman log. If all the celltimes are the same, the chapters will be wrong. Anyway, what’s the use in putting in a cell time of 0 (which is the effect if 2 lines of celltimes.txt are the same)? No wonder things are amiss.

Again, this is the wrong forum for muxman - the author is on Doom9 -


No, all celltimes are different.

Here’s the logfile:

muxman.txt (3.53 KB)

Mmm… Really weard…
I double checked this so I am defenitely sure.
Turns out that than when I save the project before muxing it fails. (the video stop) but when I don’t save on forehand there is no problem. :confused:
Anybody got any clue on why?

Perhaps you should go to the site blutach provided…

I can mux successfully whether I save the project or not…
Load the Project file you saved (.mxp file), and you should have both your video and audio in the window ready to mux…

Perhaps you should go to the site blutach provided…

Yeah, but for some reason I don’t have permission to start a new thread…

First of all, I somehow managed to fix the chapter problem, by not saving the project on forehand. So problem solved!:slight_smile:

I do have one other question (I couldn’t find it in the Doom forum). I was wondering how you could intergrate the BOVs from the original video in to the remuxed one. All I could see in my resulting video was the icon on which you have to click during the video, but I couldn’t really click on it.

Daan - it takes 5 days to post on Doom9 when you join. The idea is to get you to lurk and search first. You will be allowed to post in due course. I don’t visit here a lot and I doubt mpucoder does at all, so it’s worth waiting to post at the author’s help site.

As for saving MXPs and it changing parameters, I have experienced this on and off - but with audio delays - never celltimes. I think it is fixed now.

Are you using the freeware or payware version? Your log shows the scenes starting at the times you wanted. If you like, post the IFOs and we’ll take a look at them.