Problem with MSI need help + advice. PLEASE

I have just bought an msi-8340 (40X12X40X) - yet i am having a problem

I have purchased some 40X cd and i am only allowed to burn them at 32X

Also i have purchased a 10X rewritable cd and i can only write at 8X

Is that normal - or can it be fixed - tried to update firmware yet i cannot (using windows xp pro)

I have been viewing several threads and well it seems that msi aren’t that much of a good cd writer. Yet apart from the fact of this speed problem mine to seems to work well - i can burn a cd in 3.5minutes with 32X speed - i think it is a good time.

I wouls like to have some of your opinions regarding this cdwriter - i have found a lot about 48X and the 40X12X48X but i did not find any review about mine - mine has the exaclink buffer underrun protection - does that make any difference?

I have already contacted the shop from where i bought it and complained about the problem - strangly enough he didn’t know about it - he told me he is going to check and i have to call him on monday. If it is a problem with the driver i will opt tp have it change for a liteon - will that be a good idea?

Thanks for you time and help

some CD RW writers are very sensitive to media. and some batches of media are just plain bad. I had a 32X burner and bought some 24X CDR’s and they would only burn at 12x max but another brand of 32X CDR burned at 32X.

you should check the MSI site for firmware upgrades that is usually how they correct any media problems.

thanks for you help - yet i wasn’t able to update the firmware - it told me no cd writer found.

Also i have asked whther msi is a good cdwriter can u please verify on that thanks


I have never used MSI drives I stick with lite-ons. from what I have seen of those commenting on the MSI drives the consesnsus seems to be that the 48x MSI is ok but apparently the 40x one has a lot of problems with media and does not burn well.

The 40x MSI that had problems was based on a BenQ 4012p drive. If this one uses ExacLink, it is probably fine.

Exaclink, who makes that?

I can’t remember whether it was ricoh, or whether it was LG.

If it is ricoh, you are doomed.
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Sorry, sometime the urges is just too overwhelming.

I agree with the other guys. Sometimes media is just a bad batch.

However, the CDRW can’t write at full speed either, so I would suggest that maybe the lens is dirty, the drive has bad media compatability or that the transfer mode is incorrect.

Set transfer mode to UDMA, try a lens cleaner, and check MSI’s website for a firmware update for your drive.

ExacLink is from Oak Technologies. Drives based on it tend NOT to be media-picky…

Good to hear!

Media picky burners piss me off.

We have an A-Open at work, which won’t burn “laser” branded phalocyanines at above 1 speed in any program. Same with recent batches of TDK spindles as well. I haven’t got my burning proggies at work to check who actually make them though. But bloody annoying. Cyanine cd’s don’t usually come in spindles, but it seems to like cyanine disks.