Problem with MPEG2VCR audio offset

i was wondering if anyone could help me with this one, thanks in advance if you can :slight_smile:

the audio on one of my MPEG files is out by a constant throughout the movie. searching through the forums i came across chickenmas tutorial about it, but i am having a problem. i have run the MPEG system multiplexor in MPEG2VCR and loaded in the video and audio files (*.M1V & *.MP2) and selected MPEG-1 system stream VCD, then altered the A/V sync slider. when i am clicking done, then save i am being told that ‘your selected disc does not have enough space’ i then went on to cut the file in half with TMPGEnc just in case it was that, but still, i am getting the same message.

accorging to MPEG2VCR the estimated size of the file is 538.62MB and the disc space is C:2816.2MB so i can’t understand what i am doing wrong!?

thanks again for any help


I’m using their latest version 3.14 and haveing absolutely no problems with it. What version are you running?

i’m using 3.14 too. maybe there’s a software conflict somewhere??