Problem with MPEG Video Wizard DVD

Well it looks like I completely screwed this one up. I’m fairly new at this forum so please bear with me.

I’m suddenly having a major problem with MPEG Video Wizard DVD. I’ve used the program successfully for quite some time to edit videos and have had no problems until very recently. I have no idea why, but now when I export a video after editing in the timeline, I am having major sound sync problems.

For example, with a video that runs 01:32:30 in the timeline, it changes to a length of 01:32:35 After exporting. The audio is in sync at the beginning of the video but gradually moves out of sync towards the end. I’m viewing the exported video in Media Player Classic Home Cinema. As I said, towards the end of the video, according to MPC, the sound is off by -400 ms. The same with the VOB files if I convert the exported MPEG to DVD.

Obviously I must have changed some settings but I have no idea what it might be. I even tried uninstalling MPEG Video Wizard, doing a computer restart, and then installing an earlier version of the program. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Rick

I’ve had the free versions of Womble DVD programs in the past, when they were offered on GiveAwayoftheDay, but I never used them enough to get comfortable with the programs. So I don’t have much experience, certainly not enough to advise you on this issue.

You might look at some of the replies in this thread over at

I use VideoReDo, and I’ll bet the QuickStream Fix tool within it would solve your audio sync issues. But it isn’t a free program.

rick, so what changed?
You were able in the past to use MVW then all of a sudden it doesn’t work.
Are these files different from previous?
Are you loading the files differently or using different other software?
Have you somehow changed your computer?
Did you update MVW?

The reason I ask is I have used MVW for years and haven’t seen any sync problems though I admit I use vobtompg before loading them in MVW.

In response to Kerry56: I looked at the link you gave me for but no luck. The link is pretty old but I tried what it said with no luck. I again want to thank you and this site for the help that is offered. I tried asking a few questions in the past over at but the answers I received were less than helpful. Several people there seem to be a little impressed with themselves and tend to get rather huffy if you use any programs or methods other than what they advocate. My thinking was that if they don’t want to help somebody, then why are they even on a site like that. I know they get asked a lot of the same questions over and over, but again, if they don’t want to help why bother?

And in response to Steve33: I’m really not sure what changed. Among other things I tried a system restore, but that didn’t help either. Both before and after the problem started, I decrypt using both DVD Dycrypter and DVD Fab. I then load the vob’s into the MPEG Video Wizard timeline and make whatever cuts, etc. Then I export as MPEG2, and subsequently make a new DVD. Most movies are in the 90 minute range, and the exported file seems to add 4 to 5 seconds to the length of the video. The audio track however retains the original time (in other words, it doesn’t grow by the 4-5 seconds) causing the sound sync problem. I was already using the latest version of MPEGVW but after the problem started, I uninstalled the program and reinstalled an earlier version. Still have the problem.

I’ll give vobtompg a try.

Or at least a way to work around the problem. I gave Vob2mpg a try and now MPEG Video Wizard is working. As with other problems that have come up in the past, I have no idea why, but I guess the why doesn’t really matter. For some reason the program works now when the original file is a mpg2 but not when it is a vob. Go figure.

And a note to Kerry56. I tried VideoReDo but to be honest, I didn’t like that there were no features like fade-in and various transitions. I don’t use it a lot, but the fade in and out feature in MPEGVW can help to make an edited video a lot less choppy. Again, I’d like to thank you guys for your help. I really do appreciate it.


I don’t have & haven’t even used a trial of MPEGVW.
Is there a setting somewhere for "Audio Delay .

For example AVStoDVD has an " Auto Adjust Delay " which I keep checked.
Does MPEGVW have any audio settings like that ?

As far as I can tell, there are no settings that deal with audio delay. Also, the problem was that the exported audio in the video would start out in proper sync and then would very slowly and gradually move out of sync. It wasn’t that the audio was out of sync the same amount throughout the length of the video.

rick, I think it is not good to import raw vobs directly into the timeline in MVW, that is the reason I mentioned vobtompg.

I think there is a tool in MVW that suppose to consolidate multiple vobs but I haven’t ever used it, if you figure that out perhaps I would be interested.

I think another way is to set dvddecrypter to a single vob when ripping, then perhaps putting that in the timeline…or renaming the single vob to mpg.
Something you can play with, I suppose…to see if it works ok.
This procedure comes from and it has been awhile (years) since I read it.

If you find out more, you can report back.

Concerning the audio delay, I think you have to demux A/V, then place them individually in the timeline and then using cursor, move the audio…there may be other ways to do it as well.
I do know for sure that the audio can be adjusted with this program.

There is also VobMerge, if you just want a large vob file as import. But the vob file is not going to work any better than a large mpg file in this program.

Just another option if you need it.

PGCDemux is a good tool if you need demuxed streams from a dvd-video.

For all the time that I had been using MPEGVW I would import all the separate vob’s into the timeline, and it always worked perfectly. But now when I use the program with vob’s the audio goes out of sync. But now by converting the vob’s to one large mpeg2 file, it works perfectly. I used the free version of VOB2MPG and it doesn’t take very long at all to convert the vob’s to the mpeg2, so it seems like a pretty simple solution. And since it is now working, I think I’ll just leave it at that. Thanks again for all the help.