Problem with MP7163 Ricoh CD-RW

A big hello to everyone,

It seems that there are many people experiencing problems with MP7163A. Mine has to do with burning from the hard disk!!! I can cd-copy easily at 8x but I can’t simply burn directly or as an image file from the disk! The buffering process doesn’t start and I receive errors like “Couldn’t perform Start Track”. I am using Nero 5.5.4 on Windows XP Professional and I have an ATA100/RAID controller (ASUS A7V133 motherboard) on the hard disk! I hope you can give me some advice on that!

In addition just to confirm that 16x is a speed you can’t simply achieve!

Thank you


Have you tried upgrading your VIA (busmaster) drivers from ?

I managed to overcome the problem by installing Nero which is supposed to be an upgrade especially for Windows XP. :cool: Still though I can’t burn at 16x !!! :frowning: