Problem with MP3 discs using nero express



I’ve used past versions of Nero and had no problem making MP3 discs that work in any device that recognizes MP3’s but now I have a problem. I have Nero Express installed so that I can do some basic DVD stuff but now when I make an MP3 disc it plays in all my DVD players, and one of my Kenwood MP3 decks in the Jeep. But it will not play in my other Kenwood MP3 deck. It says “no music data” when I put the disc in.

Has anyone had any problems or am I doing something wrong in Nero Express when I create an MP3 disc?

Any help would be appreciated. And like I said, in past Nero versions I create a data disc and it works on everything.



Okay problem solved. It was a media problem. Didn’t know it because there apparently were 2 different types of CD’s in the stack of CD’s I was using. When I ran out of the ones that worked was just as I was changing to Nero Express so it seemed to be a software issue.