Problem with mouse

I have bought a small mouse for my notebook and tried to plug it into the USB port. It works for about 1,5 minutes, then the cursor starts spinning into all directions and about 3 seconds after the laser turns itself off so the cursor cannot move. The strange thing is that the 3 mouse keys still work (with the laser off); only the laser sensor doesn’t. Previously, I thought that installing the drivers would solve the problem, but it didn’t. Just to make more tests, I have plugged the mouse into the USB port of my other pc, and it doesn’t work, acting as plugged into the notebook.

I am beginning to think it is defective. Can you help me ??? :confused: :sad:

It could also be the energy savings kicking in. Go to the hardware properties of your usb drivers (Windows Key+Pause, tab Hardware, clock on Device Manager) and see if the energy savings of your usb drivers are still on.

When you say laser I assume it’s the optical sensor light, and that your other pc it is a desktop.
If you have Windows (and probably XP) it may be a device failure - try with another optical mouse, and if it works ask for assistance or part exchange.

Problem solved: it was defective :bigsmile: :bigsmile: