Problem with mounting a game via Alcohol 120%

Hey Everyone.
I’m having a little problem with Alcohol 120% concerning a game. I managed to get the image copy of the game (ISO format), but when I mount it up and I try to run the game, the application isn’t running. It just says that the disk isn’t in the drive.

So I did a little digging, and I found out that the game is being mounted up on the G: drive (lol, didn’t even know I had one). What I need, I think, is to get the game mounted up onto the E: folder, which is the DVD drive.

Anyone have an idea as to how to do that? I can’t figure that last part out.


If the G:\ drive is the Alcohol virtual drive, then that’s where you need to use it. What you may have to do (if G:\ is your virtual drive) is to uninstall the game and reinstall it off of the image in the G: drive. BTW, How did you mount the image if you didn’t know you had a G:\ drive? regards, gamma1

Oh I knew how to mount the image and everything. I just never really payed attention to where I was mounting the file on, until now. Lol. It was just a random thought I had while I was working with everything.

And I’ll see if that works, but does that mean that I have to run the setup via the image or from the physical disk?


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Run the setup from your image.