Problem with menu

I have converted 9 avi files into a dvd with a menu (from 1 to 9) with convertXtoDVD latest version and I burnt it on a re-writable DVD and everything works fine. When I copied it on a standard dvd and put it in my dvd player the menu apears and whichever from the 9 movies I select, it plays only the first. (eg I click number 1 and it plays number 1. I click number 6 it plays number 1) This also happens if I convert the AVIs again and burn them on standard dvd.
did I do anything wrong?

Hi there,

You didn’t provide a full conversion log, or what version you are using.

There was a few builds with menu issues.

Please download the latest v2.0.13 and try again !

If you are still having issues, please provide us a full conversion log !!!