Problem with Memorex dl dvd+rw media



I have a TSST Corp. cd/dvd/w TS-H653Q SCSI Cd Rom drive, with Light scribe, but the light scribe function Quit and now I am having trouble writing to Memorex DVD+R without light scribe, media. some times the drive will read and play a DVD Movie and the next time it will not recognize the same DVD Movie. When I try to make a back up of my Movies, using Magic DVD Copier, it will not burn the Memorex DVD+R DL disk correctly. I checked with Magic DVD Copier and they said their software would work with a DL DVD dirve but it could be the DVD media I am using, causing the problem. I am new to DVD DL drives and have never had a problem with the Magic DVD Copier program or my old DVD/CD drive, not DL type. Any thoughts, please would be appreciated. Thanks


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To troubleshoot, try using Verbatim DVD+R DL. If you have consistent success, stick with those. If you have failures still, get a new drive. If you have failures still, it might be wise to switch to different software to backup/write to discs.


Albert, thank you for your input, will try the Verbatium disks, if same problem will look into a Lite-on DVD/CD/W. Thanks again


Do you have firmware SC01 flashed to your drive? Link

When making a DL disc Verbatim is the way to go, and you should use IMGburn (free) to burn the image. But regular +R discs you can use any brand, but the quality will vary with burn speed, so you might want to drop down to 12x to improve the quality.