Problem with MAM 74min CD-R media, limited to 16x


I purchased some MAM 74min CD-R’s from a seller on ebay, who claims they are rated at 52x:

Unforunately, they are limited to burning at 16x on my DW1620 as well as my LiteOn LTR-48125S.   :confused: However, with the LiteOn I can turn off SmartBurn in Nero and burn at 48x without any problems whatsoever--I get no failures and the discs playback perfectly :bigsmile:     Is there any way to turn off a smart burn feature of the DW1620 so that I  can burn these CD-Rs at 40x?  I want to continue using this media because of the MAM archival life, which is supposed to be better than any other brand.

If there was a hack, would there be any danger of damage to the drive in doing this? The tech support from BenQ said that I should take my question to this forum.


Sorry man, the write strategies on phase-out cdr limit the speeds to 16x burns for best quality results. I’m sure that the 80 min discs will burn to rated speeds.