Problem with making an image (PSX)

I copied Colin McRae Rally 2.0 and I wanted to make another image of it so I could modify the region data on the disc (it’s in PAL format and I need to convert to NTSC) however when I tried to make a .bin/.cue copy using CDRWIN 3.9h it barely made any progress before telling me this: “Error: Unable to read DATA sectors 5346 to 5372 on device 0:0:0 Illegal command request (04h 00h 02h 05h 64h 00h)”
Regardless of what speed or if Error recovery was on Abort or Ignore I couldn’t get past this. I tested this lightly in Nero 6.3.1.X and got nearly the same result. However while Alcohol 120% I got the following on the screen prior to making an image: “Disc Type: CD-XA Recordable ‘No’…”
Now that seems me like there is a problem with this disc however I can safely say there no way logically this could be attributed to physical integrity since from what I see the disc is in excellent shape to say the least. So I was then tempted to wonder if this disc is somehow ‘copy protected’ which seems sort of funny since itself is a copy of the original game. So I downloaded A-Ray Scanner which found: “LibCrypt/PSX detected” then I ran ClonyXXL which found: “Protection: LybCrypt” at a 3 skull rating.
That’s basically stand now and I’m unsure has to if infact what I’ve come across is copy protection or just some malfunction, however I don’t really know otherwise what the situation could be since the game runs fine on the Playstation console. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
LG HL-DT-ST CD-RW GCE-8525B 1.03


Well it seems that A-Ray has fallen for the same useless assumption that Clony has made.
It was a failure of Clony that it simply assumed Libcrypt protection on any PSX cd whether it existed or not.
Fortunately for you Colin McRae Rally 2 is one of the numerous PSX games with absolutely no protection, nada, zilch!
The simple fact is - if you cannot read the disc then it is a bad source disc to use.

Remember that PSX games use Mode 2, unlike most discs, which use mode 1. If you have trouble converting the game from PAL to NTSC, PM me, or post here and I’ll tell you. I know how to do it - I have done it numerous times as relatives from overseas send me games to here.

On the contrary, the disc can be read flawlessly by my burner and Playstation, so it’s proven it can be read. It’s copying that for some reason cannot get past 2%, as I said the disc surface integrity is excellent so that can’t account for that reason.