Problem with 'madea goes to jail'

Any Tyler Perry watchers out there? Having trouble with this one; 23% into anylizing and I get an error.

Analysis won’t start.

[QUOTE=rwill285;2293390]Analysis won’t start.[/QUOTE]
…Always had analysis…Sugesstions?

What program are you using to decrypt and rip this movie?

Tried with and ith same result

I can’t burn it either, I have the latest version of dvd fab.:frowning:

Tried it using an old friend called RipIt4Me. Am watching the copy now.
Go figure…

If you look in the DVDFab forum you would see other threads on this movie,
Ver wil take care of it for you.

Can you send me the link to that version?

You just may have a bad disk-even though it plays okay. Return it to where you bought it and see it that solves your problem. I used anydvd and clonedvd with no problems.

Can someone send me the link that copies it for dvdfab?

[QUOTE=kammese;2293573]Can someone send me the link that copies it for dvdfab?[/QUOTE]

Look at the last post in this thread.

Thanks so much!